The Plans

So what do I need to do to get this up and running, still? Mostly the following:
I want to finish up the dragon poses and get at least a couple of parallel and unique genes in. There will be line breaking terts. I know I want to include the following, but I'm def open to suggestions:

Parallel: Savannah/Safari, Wasp/Bee, Flaunt/Flair, Pinstripe/Trail, Peacock, Capsule, Veined, Sparkle, Stained, Underbelly.

Unique: (tert) Mantis, (tert) Smog.

Mantis would add stormcatcher's mantis arms-like appendages to your dragon, Smog would add smoke coming from the dragon's claws and wings, like the NOTN apparel.

I also want to get a google sheet database up and running with an added website that reads from that google sheet. Sort of like Charadex! I know this is well within my coding capabilities, it would just take a bit of time.

Other than that, I am also looking for help, mostly with maintaining the google sheet database, as well as with creating the images for the dragons after things like gene changes and the like.

But eventually, once I got the individual gears of this thing turning. I want to celebrate that by allowing anyone new to this program two g1 dragons of this breed! Like progens... except both are random.