The Mechanics

A couple of changes to vanilla mechanics that I have in mind for this forum game to function as smoothly as it can, are the following:
No standard cooldowns. No standard grow-up time.
Instead each dragon is able to breed once per month, and the cooldown gets reset at the start of every month. Same for each hatchling growing up. Either this will happen on every sunday, or they grow up instantly and the only way to obtain a hatchling is to buy a permababy scroll. Their cooldown also ends at the end of the month.

No (free) scrying workshop.
Remember that this is manual labour! Unless I enter hyperfocus mode enough to code an entire image generator for these dragons, I don't think that'll ever change. Either the scrying workshop will require a fee for each scry, or there just won't be any at all.

Accents have less limitations.
I'm planning on lumping accents and apparel together in one category: Accessories. Accessories are user-created, well, accessories for your dragon. They can be layered, they can be line-breaking, and they don't have any lines/shadows requirements!

You would be able to make private accessories (can only be given to people with the original artist's permission), and you also would be able to make public accessories, which are always available in a public shop. Either way, the creator would get 2/3rds of the price with each purchase. So this is a way for non-staff to earn some treasure or gems too.